Evolving with Reiki to Heal the Layers and Succeed at Weight Loss

Losing weight is a complex issue, and it requires layers of healing to succeed. This Evolving with Reiki article will explore the various aspects of weight loss and a Reiki Level One technique you can try today to help you reach your goals.

The first step in any weight loss journey is understanding that successful weight loss occurs by knowing the layers that are involved. Weight loss is not just about eating the right food, and I’m sure you know this already if you’re reading this article. You’ve probably struggled with weight loss for sometime and even though you try different diets it’s just not working.

Weight loss is also about the mind and your mindset. The best way to understand the mindset around weight loss is to consider: 1. family patterns, 2. past trauma 3. self-esteem issues and 4. emotional baggage.

This Evolving with Reiki article will explore the various aspects of weight loss and how we can use Reiki help you reach your goals.

Family Patterns and Weight Loss

Due to the complexities of family patterns I’m going to recommend that a person should be at least Reiki Level Two attuned. But NOT the watered-down version of Reiki as this usually just involves hands on healing placements. If you’re Reiki Level Two attuned and don’t yet have the ability to look into and heal your family patterns I’m going to encourage you to sign-up for my Reiki Level One and Two course to upgrade your knowledge!

Past Trauma and Weight Loss

In order to heal from past trauma a person should be able to shift comfortably into a trance state meditation. The reason for this is because the depth of healing that is required to heal trauma is in the energies. When trauma occurs emotions get trapped in the physical body. If trapped negative emotions, for example, are stuck in the stomach or digestive system this makes it difficult to lose weight. Not many people have the ability to shift into a trance state and see the energies that are causing the past trauma. In my energy healing sessions this is my area of expertise, so if you’re dealing with this please book in a private session so I can help you heal.

How to Heal Self-Esteem Issues Related to Weight Loss

There are layers of healing with self-esteem issues alone, yet a person can start working on these with an easy Reiki technique that is related to the Reiki Five Precepts. Mikao Sensei, the founder of Reiki, suggested that his students repeat Five Precepts every morning.

Just for today:

Do not Anger

Do not worry

Be Humble

Be Honest in your Work

Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

We can incorporate this concept by focusing the mind particularly on raising the self-esteem and successfully lose weight.

Just for today:

I will not be critical towards myself.

I willl not judge my shortcomings.

I will praise myself for small steps.

I will be compassionate towards myself.

I will be proud to be myself.

How Reiki can Heal Emotional Issues

TRAPPED EMOTIONS: As discussed above that through traumatic experiences emotions can be trapped in the physical body. These negative emotions continue to radiate out a particular energy vibration which hinders your ability to move forward in life and business. There are a few ways to get rid of stuck emotions with Reiki, but we’ll only go through the simplest one for now. Keep in mind that I do energy healing for women who feel stuck in toxic patterns, so you can book in a private energy healing session with me and I’ll work with you to remove the emotional issues.

For now, let’s go through this technique. Sit in a meditative state and feel calm and relaxed. Bring to mind your problem of losing weight and how this makes you feel. Slowly become aware of each body part and listen (feel into) the emotions that are there. As they arise you will feel “emotional”. Try to identify the emotion that is coming up, and then say to it peacefully and calmly “I release you”. Continue doing this for 10-20 minutes each day for a week and then see how you feel. It helps to journal during this week about what came up and left.

Conclusion – Be Patient but Persistent

Reiki is a powerful energy healing method that can help you lose weight, increase self-esteem, heal toxic family patterns and so much more. However, it’s wise to AVOID THE WATERED-DOWN version of Reiki that is often taught as you will only learn hands-on positions and not the depth of the practice that increases your psychic powers and intuitive abilities.

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