Many people question the effectiveness of learning Reiki training online, so we wanted to clarify a few points that you’ll need to consider when choosing online Reiki courses. Here are three reasons why people choose to do a Reiki certification course online.

Reiki Training Online is Flexible

Firstly, Reiki training online is designed to allow you to learn in your own way, at your own pace, and with a high level of flexibility. One of the major benefits that many people find from their online Reiki course is that they don’t have to leave work or school in order to study. You can complete the course from home.

Unfortunately, many online healing courses do not provide sufficient material for students to learn the proper way to perform Reiki. Yet, this also occurs in traditional classroom settings. Last week, I spoke with a Reiki Master who stated that she and her fellow Reiki Masters believed their Reiki Master training weekend was too fast and that they were only there for business. They walked away from an in-person class not feeling confident as Reiki Masters.

Reiki’s Underlying Principle is Energy

Second – Reiki is a very popular topic for online learning because the underlying principle of Reiki is energy. We learn in class that everything in our world is made up of energy – so there really isn’t such thing as time or space! In fact, at Reiki Level Two you learn how to transcend time and space and learn how to work with energy long distance.

Newbies might not understand this concept though. They feel it is better for them to learn in an in-person class. While this might be true they will likely learn the watered down version of Reiki because not many Reiki Masters have the experience or ability to teach at a deeper level. So, even if you choose an in-person class you might get a bad teacher. Read my blog here on how to choose the best Reiki online course.

A Community to Increase Motivation

Thirdly, the Reiki exercises and techniques are meant to help you develop your experience with Reiki healing energy. There’s no difference whether you learn them online or in person because, regardless, you need to practice to improve.

The problem most people have after learning a class is that they don’t practice. This is true especially for people who have taken a rushed weekend Reiki class. They get home and are still not confident with their abilities and don’t have enough clarity with how to do the techniques.

Evolving with Reiki

That’s why here at Evolving with Reiki we have an online Reiki community forum where you can stay connected with like-minded Reiki practitioners for inspiration and motivation. Furthermore, there are regular group video classes where you can meet everyone!

Conclusion, the BEST Reiki Training online is one where you can study at your own pace yet still be motivated and inspired in an online community setting and online classes. Reiki courses online are often watered down and so people don’t know the depth of the Reiki practice. It’s really sad that Reiki Certification is like this nowadays, and so I’m passionate to help everyone learn and experience a deeper relationship with the Reiki Divine Light.