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We offer the most comprehensive Reiki Master training on the web, and we don’t stop at just teaching you how to heal. Our program will guide you from a beginner to an advanced healer who can heal themselves, heal animals, access their psychic powers, feel into energies, or do distance healing with ease.

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We have structured the course in four levels so that you are able to progress at your own pace. Level one is designed for beginners and covers all the basics of Reiki. As learners advance through the levels, they will explore more advanced concepts about the practice of Reiki.

What’s in the complete Reiki Master program?


Reiki Level One

Reiki Level One is the opening into a new way of being in the world. You will be initiated into the Reiki energies and learn how to perform self-healing and basic energy exercises as well as a technique to reprogram negative patterns of the mind.

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level Two is perhaps the most important level of training in a traditional Reiki practice as it develops your awareness and understanding of symbols, as well as deepening your relationship with the essential life force.

Reiki Master Level

Before beginning your Reiki Master training, you should have some experience with psychic abilities, intuition, and energy reading. This is the primary reason why you receive private sessions in this complete program.

Advanced Practice

This section of the program is for those interested and have the advanced abilities to go into the unknown to seek for the origins of the illness, disease or struggle.

Best of Both Worlds

Evolving with Reiki offers you a space to grow and evolve as a practitioner. You’ll get access to my proven strategies and techniques that I’ve used to guide clients towards their goals. You’ll also learn how I use these strategies and techniques in my personal life, which can help guide you on your journey.

Space to Grow as a Healer

You’ll find what’s stopping you from turning inward. I will teach you the importance of self-love and how to release anger, blame, and resentment. In doing so, you will develop a personal ritual or prayer that can be used on a daily basis to practice self-love.

About Santosha

Santosha has been a Reiki Master for over twenty years and has led group healing sessions (Shuchu) in Australia for ten years. She now works as an energy healer, assisting women who are stuck in toxic patterns to advance in life and business. She resides in India and continues to expand her understanding of the unknown and the unseen. She also holds five university degrees, including in Counseling and Psychology, and is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.


“Santosha is the best of the best. I love her dedication and the care she puts into her work. She has studied Reiki for over 20 years and it shows in how hard she works to bring you a course that is so well-put together. The course was extremely helpful for me and I learned so much about Reiki.”

“Working with Santosha has been an amazing experience. She not only developed a comprehensive Reiki course she also really cares that her students learnt and experienced it fully. I learned so many new skills thanks to her insights and input.”

“I’ve been working with Santosha for a few months and she has really helped me grow as a Reiki instructor. I am not only learning how to set up my own Reiki course but also gaining valuable advice on marketing, teaching methods, and general best practices in the field. We have had tons of discussions on issues that I never even knew existed before.”


The comprehensive Reiki Master program is adaptable to your needs. Most complete it within three to six months. You will be provided with lectures, exercises, strategies, and assignments that you can complete at your own pace. Each week, we’ll hold a video session to address any questions, perform energy healing on you, and assess your progress as a Reiki practitioner. You will also join the community forum, where you can find out when the next video class will be, ask questions, learn from others, and share your Reiki program progress. I can only accept a limited number of new students each month due to the amount of energy I invest on my Reiki Masters.

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