Evolving with Reiki and Personality Development

When we think of personality development, we often think of the different aspects that make up one’s personality. These would include their self-awareness, self-esteem, knowledge about themselves, and their ability to express themselves.

In this section, we will  explore how a person can work on their personality with a powerful Reiki Level One technique. If you have not heard of this technique and have already done your Reiki Level One training you have unfortunately only received the watered-down version of Reiki.

Personality Development Tip One: Discover Your Natural Strengths

When it comes to personality development, a lot of people struggle with figuring out what their natural strengths are. This is because we are all so different from one another and because our strengths change over time. To figure out your natural strengths, take the time to reflect on what you enjoy doing most in your life. What are you often complimented on? What do you find easy? What do you find difficult? These questions can help to uncover your natural strengths.

Personality Development Tip Two: Identify Weaknesses and Work on Them

Personality development tip two is to identify your weaknesses and work on them. This is a more difficult task than identifying strengths, but it is also more important.

If you are aware of your weaknesses and work on them, you will be able to grow as a person and become better at what you do. You will also be able to avoid the pitfalls that come with being too confident in your strengths.

The first step in working on your weaknesses is to identify them. Next, think about how they might affect other parts of your life such as relationships or career success. Then, find ways to improve yourself such as asking for feedback from others or reading books about the topic that interests you the most.

Personality Development Tip Three: Reprogramming with Reiki

Nentatsu-Ho is a Reiki Level One technique that you’ll learn in my Reiki Level One Certification Course. First, have your journalling from the above points and decide on one aspect of your personality that you want to change. Write it down on a separate piece of paper. Then brainstorm how you would like to change this part of your personality.

Then settle into a Reiki Trance state and use Nentatsu-Ho with your intentions. First, bring to mind the weakness part of your personality, then the strengths. Take your time to feel into the energies of both of these and how they make you feel. This is a process you learn in my Reiki Level One training course, so if you’re curious how to do that please sign-up. Feeling into energies as a Reiki Level One practitioner is absolutely important!

Finally, hold the energetic vibration of your new intentions and do Nentatsu-Ho. Over the next few days monitor your progress and write down the changes you notice.


Reiki is an amazing tool that can be used to change aspects of your personality that you’re not fond of. I’ve seen many amazing results from using this technique, so I highly encourage you to try it out for yourself. If you have not learned this technique in your Reiki Level On training with another teacher then you have the “watered down version” of Reiki. Please do sign-up for my course so that you can learn the complete practice!