Best Reiki Courses Online

Are you interested in deepening your relationship with Reiki? Do you want to improve your healing method? Evolving with Reiki is the solution!

 Train with a Reiki Master to become an Effective Energy Healer

Join our comprehensive Reiki Master program which includes Reiki Level One and Two to ensure you have the depth of Reiki knowledge, and not he watered down version – super important for a Reiki Master Teacher to have! You’ll also have private sessions with me (Santosha) which include psychic and energy healing training. 

Reiki Light

Ancient Natural Healing System

A complete natural healing system that was gifted to us by higher beings as a path to better living.

Such a system’s secret knowledge cannot be learned in a weekend course. This is why I’m so excited about teaching this as part of a comprehensive program that includes energy healing and private instruction.

Progress and mastery

We have structured the course in four levels so that you are able to progress at your own pace. Level one is designed for beginners and covers all the basics of Reiki. As learners advance through the levels, they will explore more advanced concepts about the practice of Reiki.

  “Namaste lovely 💫💫💫 Just wanted to let you know what an awesome course you are providing. I know I’ve told you lots but I’ll continue doing so lol.” ~ Kiera, Reiki Master in Training, Australia

“I’ve been in the Reiki world for a while now and decided to try out a new course that was said to be more comprehensive and in-depth than my current one. This course has so much more information than what I had before. It made me fall in love with Reiki all over again.” ~ Sara, Reiki Level One and Two, New Zealand

“After I had had the most amazing energy healing sessions with Santosha I decided to learn her healing method and signed up for her complete Reiki Master program. Over three months we worked together in private sessions while I studied the course curriculum. I’m astonished with the depth this woman goes to ensure you know your energy healing! Highly recommend.” ~Julie, Reiki Master, Pennsylvania

Reiki is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of alternative therapy. It is an extremely relaxing and effective treatment, but many people don’t know how to do it properly and end up with a watered down version. As a result, they never experience the full beauty and benefits of Reiki. Don’t let that be you! Take our online class today and learn how to do Reiki right!